not an ordinary hiring process

#We care even
before you join.

Interview tips & tricks

Mooza’s interview process has been carefully constructed
in order to make sure that our future cooperation will be
successful. Once you’ve made the bold decision
by applying to Mooza, our Recruitment team will reach out to you.

Wondering how to become our newest Trailblazer?

Why we do personality tests

Adding personality tests to the recruitment process has several benefits.

The test not only shows your strengths and lets Mooza team get to know you from a different angle – it also uncovers what you look for in an employer and where & how you would like to grow in your career.

Ready to start your journey at Mooza?

Here’s how to make it happen

Send us your CV

Our recruiters will meet with you to discuss your goals, experience, and expectations. On the other hand, you will hear a bit about Mooza #bold values, company culture and spirit.

Meet your hiring manager

The dedicated manager will tell you more about the most interesting projects. Together you will review your skills & knowledge. This is where you can get all role-related answers.

Present your skills

Here comes your time to shine. You will be able to get a closure to the real job experience at Mooza. The team will ask you to complete a unique task. Think about showing the solution as if you were in front of a real client.

Meet more Mooza people

To ensure successful future collaboration, the CEO and the Head of Department of a position you applied for will join the final meeting.

Join the Trailblazer team

Now the coin is on Mooza’s side. The final stage is where you will receive all information about the offer and position. After the meeting – as transparent as it can get – it is the time for the final decision, by you.

Mooza culture

At Mooza you will live and breathe by our values. Do you want to know more about our company culture?

Mooza Academy

“Only the best is good for me”. If you are a fan of constant learning, you will jump on a Mooza train very quickly.

Open positions