Christmas in the Czech Republic vs Christmas in Poland

by | Dec 6, 2021

Days go by and Christmas time is inevitably approaching, Mooza enables remote work, our employees are based in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Netherlands and Austria but our offices are based in Czech Republic and Poland hence, we would like to make you more familiar with the country specific tradition – are Christmas traditions the same in Czech and Poland?
– Let’s check it out!

Before Christmas ???

  • Czech Republic ?? – preparation starts on 4th December, also known as “barborka” – Tradition says to take a cherry branch and put it in a vessel with water and occasionally sprinkle it. It should bloom on Christmas Eve! It is also popular to prepare nativity scenes and place them under the Christmas tree – known as jesličky&betlémy
  • Poland ??– In Poland – depending on a region, people decoration the Christmas tree starts couple of weeks before the Christmas Eve or – on the Christmas Eve exactly, in polish tradition people create decorations themselves – hand-made decorative chains, paper angels etc.

Christmas Eve! – ?️ ?

  • Poland ?? “Wigilia” Traditionally, Poles serve 12! dishes on the festive table. To be lucky in the coming year, you should try all the dishes, but no worries fasting is also a part of tradition – so yo should be capable to at least try them! Typical dishes are:
    • Beetroot soup with dumplings – “barszcz”
    • Sour cabbage and mushrooms stuffed dumplings
    • Fish: Carp, Herring, Kutia
    • Mushroom soup – “grzybowa”
    • Mushed peas and cabbage
    • Pasties with cabbage and mushrooms
    • Various types of cakes and many many more depending on a specific region e.g. “makowiec”
    • Potato salad – “sałatka jarzynowa“
  • Czech Republic ?? “Štědrý večer“– Czechs don’t stick to the tradition of 12 dishes, but they also fast before the Christmas Eve, Czech tradition says that those who won’t eat anything before the Christmas Eve, will have a chance to see “zlaté prasátko” (golden pig).
    • Fish: Carp fried in breadcrumbs
    • Potato salad – “bramborovy salat“
    • Fish soup
    • Kuba – groats with mushrooms, majoram and garlic
    • Pork chops
    • Spice cookies
    • vánočka
    • and many more – depending on a specific region as well

Okay we know what Poles and Czechs eat on Christmas Eve, but who will leave presents under the Christmas tree – Santa? ? ?

  • Poland ?? – depending on a region, Polish kids will get their presents from: Mikołaj, Dzieciątko, Gwiazdka, Jezusek, Gwiazdor
  • Czech Republic ?? – Czech kids will be awaiting for Ježíšek to get their presents

What other traditions are popular in our countries?

?? – Pohádky! Probably one of the most interesting traditions – Czechs watch fairy tales – Always on Christmas Eve in the evening, public Czech Television premieres a new fairy tale. The Christmas program can also never miss such titles as „Tři arašídy pro Popelku“, „Lahodná princezna“ or the Russian fairy tale “Mrazík” – Isn’t it great!?
?? – You should not get off the table as long as the dinner is finished, otherwise you may not be able to eat it next year ?
?? – 24/12 – “Štědrý večer“ is a public holiday in Czech Republic ⭐

?? – Christmas wafer sharing – before the Christmas dinner, Poles usually share the wafers and make good wishes, in some families they also read a bible before they start eating.
?? – Empty seat at the table for a stranger- It is more traditional than live, because Poles believe that there should be always an empty space for someone who doesn’t have a possibility to spend this magical time with their relatives and friends
?? – 24/12 – “Wigilia” is not a public holiday in Poland ?

As you can see, there are many similarities in our traditions, but there are also parts of them that are unique and country specific, it’s great to explore what our colleagues will be doing during the Christmas time ?

Wish you all to have a great time with your families and friends!
Mooza team


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