Interview with Mooza Salesforce Academy Graduates

by | Nov 10, 2021

With the first edition of Mooza Academy coming to an end and three new hires on board, we figured it was only fitting to sum up the experience. Who better to tell you all about the experience than our students?
Meet Magda Batko, Mateusz Wojciak and Piotr Nieścioruk – Mooza Academy’s success stories!

Interview with Mooza Salesforce Academy Graduates

How did you hear about Mooza Academy?

Mateusz: I heard about the Academy from my friend, Michał. He’s always up to date with the Salesforce community which proves more than once to be extremely useful. He found out about the Academy via LinkedIn and sent me a link to Mooza recruitment site. I provided all the required data alongside my resume and sent it. Then the journey began.

Did you know Salesforce before joining Mooza Academy?

Magda: No, I did not. When I applied for the Academy, I had only a grasp idea of what Salesforce is. Before the enrolment to Mooza Academy, I worked as a biologist, so this whole world of business and IT was new to me. I was scared that I would not understand the nuances and technicalities of Salesforce. My fears evaporated as soon as the Academy started when I had the chance to work in this environment with the fantastic and professional guidance of Mooza girls Paja, Anna, and Dominika.

What was the interview process like?

Piotr: Everything was conducted very professionally, in a nice atmosphere and we could always count on the support of the Recruiter. As for the recruitment to the academy itself, it involved an interview with the recruiter, a logical thinking test and the last stage during which we met the team responsible for the Academy. After the Academy ended, we were invited to a panel interview where we met with the CEO and Delivery Director. Our assignment was to present a task prepared by us in Salesforce, to which we had received guidelines earlier, and playing the role of a Consultant who presented the solution.

Can you tell us more about the structure of Mooza Academy from your perspective? What did you learn?

Mateusz: I believe that the Academy provided us with a perfect amount of teaching and self study. Of course we still needed to learn a lot in a short period of time, but for me it is essential. The structure was quite simple – webinars that taught us ground rules and essential information. After that self study and work on a project – that’s where the fun began. Building my own Salesforce Org was really amazing and helped me a lot. The result of it was wonderful – I’ve earned my first Salesforce certification and now I’m able to work in this environment. And of course the most amazing team behind it all: Paja, Dominika and Ania. Without them we wouldn’t be here today. Great support through the whole Academy – anytime we needed anything they were there for us. I couldn’t ask for more.

What was the most challenging part of the Academy?

Magda: I believe that it is a matter of personal experiences, but for me, the most challenging part was an adaptation to work in a different field than before. For example, I had a problem with business jargon and had to double-check the meaning of words before trying to understand the administrative side of the subject. Also I think the preparation for the certification exam and the exam itself was pretty stressful for everyone. The questions tended to be tricky and more theoretical.

What did you enjoy the most during the Academy?

Piotr: It’s hard to pick one thing because the whole time of the academy was wonderful, but if I had to single out one thing I would say it was the joint search for a solution. When we encountered a problem Paja tried to suggest a way out but it was our job to brainstorm and try to solve it. It was great fun 🙂

Would you recommend Mooza Academy as a way to start a career in Salesforce? If so why?

Magda: I would highly recommend Mooza Academy for everyone wanting to reinvent their career with Salesforce. I already told some friends about it! Mooza Academy was a wonderful experience and gave me tools and guidance crucial in my learning process, which went smoothly considering I was a total beginner. What I think is worth highlighting is the welcoming and kind atmosphere in Academy. I felt free to ask question and always got a satisfying explanations.

Piotr: Definitely. Mooza Academy is a place where you can learn what Salesforce is, understand its functionalities and be supported by the Academy leaders. Additionally, there were guest speakers from Mooza guests who discussed the various elements they deal with on a daily basis. It takes a lot of practice to keep up to date with the topics, but it is definitely a great place to start.

Mateusz: Well that would be a big YES. First of all, support from Mooza. Not only personal by people behind the Academy but also provided materials (besides Trailheads of course). Then the way of teaching, opportunity of inside look, chance to meet and speak with their employees who are working with Salesforce on a daily basis. They will make your path as easy as possible. Still, you will need to focus and put a lot of work into this but trust me, it pays off.

What are your plans for further development now that you are officially a part of the Mooza team?

Magda: I will continue to develop my Salesforce skills and soft skills as a Business Analyst, and soon, I want to prepare for another certification. What is compelling about Salesforce is the whole spectrum of options that the platform gives. It gives opportunities to constantly learn and do something different. I find interesting the idea of being a Salesforce Designer, but we will see what the future brings. What I am sure of is that it will be bright and full of positive surprises!

Piotr: Work on smaller and, over time, larger custom implementations as a Salesforce Developer solving various business problems and, above all, have a lot of fun with it, as for further plans sky is the limit.

Mateusz: Improve myself and expand my knowledge. In this world the learning part never ends and it’s challenging for me. I will continue my path in Sales Cloud because it’s interesting and has a lot in common with my former job. After that? I can do basically anything. Maybe I will try the path of a Developer? Who knows? Endless possibilities – that’s the whole point of that change.

Are you interested in becoming Mooza’s next Academy success story? Stay tuned for updates regarding the next editions! In the meantime you can read more here


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