Mooza Hiring: Interview Tips & tricks

by | Sep 15, 2021

Mooza’s interview process has been carefully constructed in order to make sure that our future cooperation will be successful. Once you’ve made the bold decision of applying to Mooza, our Recruitment team will reach out to you. 

Wondering how to become our newest Trailblazer? Follow these tips:

Be authentic – We created these steps to make sure we get to know each other before making a final decision. We want to get to know you the best that we can. Without authenticity, the process won’t work. Also, our Recruiters are walking lie detector machines so it’s best to be honest.

Do not underestimate preparation – We can’t say it enough – preparation is key. Know the company, our values, position, have all your questions ready to go. Be sure to treat your task presentation as a call with a Client. 

Think about your motivation – Why did you choose to apply to Mooza? You can be sure of hearing this question when speaking to us. Make sure to have an answer ready to go. We are looking for individuals who share our passion for Salesforce, helping our Client’s succeed, and share our values.

Be focused – Since our interview process is conducted 100% remotely, it’s important to find a quiet space in which you can focus. This also applies to the task and personality tests we give you. Make sure you are well rested and concentrated when completing them.

Remember that recruitment is a two-way street – We treat candidates as our equals. We want to make sure you will feel at home in our team. If you have any doubts, use the next tip.

Ask questions – Our Hiring Managers and Recruiters are there for you. Asking questions during the interview process allows you to get a better feel of our environment and also shows us you are engaged and excited about the opportunities waiting for you at Mooza.

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