Mooza Meeting a Customer In-Person: Does It Make Sense in the post-COVID era?

by | Sep 22, 2021

GoodData is a customer we have been working with for almost a year and a half — mainly during the Covid pandemic — a software company focusing on data analytics headquartered in San Francisco, while also operating from their offices in Czechia. 

Mooza is “an alternative to your local partners”, we like it when customers choose us because of our remote-first approach but, of course, there are cases, especially with local (Czech) customers, when meeting in person from time to time can be an advantage. Working with GoodData, we have met in person only twice, mainly due to the pandemic, during two presentations in their offices. 

Other than that, we are in daily contact, very often a few times each day, and it works perfectly: Sharing information, streamlining project management and workflow, sharing status updates as well as holding online meetings and workshops with the team or GoodData management. From our side, the partnership has been really great, even with part of the GoodData team sitting in the US.

For a company with a remote-first DNA like us, using Zoom, Teams or Slack is our daily bread and butter. So why is a meeting in person always so welcomed and productive?

Humans are social beings and despite all the changes, technical possibilities, remote working, and more, nothing can surpass meeting face to face. Or at least most of the time.

Mooza Meeting a Customer In-Person: Does It Make Sense in the post-COVID era?

And so, together with GoodData, we organized an onsite all-day workshop. First, it is much more productive to sit in the same room for 6+ hours than sitting in front of your screen. We have to be honest, there are many perks to “offline” conversations: You can have small coffee talks during the breaks, better feel and experience your presence and the presence of others, receive agreements and disagreements from the audience right away, discussions are much more fruitful when held in person… we could go on.

The main purpose of our workshop? To align priorities among all the internal and external teams on both sides for the rest of the year. We had a chance to discuss upcoming project details, unify our project approach, and, for some of us, it was a chance to meet together for the first time. 

I’m sure the same workshop could be held online, quite likely with the same program, even the same outcome. The same priorities would likely have become clear, project workflow established, but meeting in person was the cherry on top, which, in the long run, will help everyone work more efficiently in the upcoming weeks and months.

After finishing the workshop, we followed it with dinner in the city, something that only further strengthened our relationship as one team and helped us to understand the needs and possibilities of each individual team member. And this is how we at Mooza honestly feel, as part of the team. And we are certainly proud of this.

Petr Hyka, Head of Managed Services Team at Mooza
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