Our thoughts on working and recruiting remotely

by | Jun 21, 2021

When the pandemic hit, many companies were struggling to transfer their employees to a work from home structure. Luckily, Mooza wasn’t one of them as we’ve been working remotely even before anyone heard of COVID-19.

Our remote-first culture comes with many perks:

  • we work whenever from wherever – whether you want to work from home, visit family/friends or travel the world, you can do it all without taking PTO.
  • it show’s Mooza’s trust in employees – we hire people who we trust will get the job done. We don’t care if they log in one minute later than 9 am, but we focus on the output of work that is provided.
  • we don’t waste time and money on commuting – instead, we can spend it with our close ones, picking up a new hobby or learning.

On the other hand, we sometimes have to tackle the challenges that come along with not seeing each other on a day to day basis:

  • team building – we have to admit, it’s harder to build team bonds when we’re scattered all across Europe. That’s why Mooza commits to hosting company events during which we can see each other in person.
  • communication – since we don’t have the opportunity for in person chats over coffee, the need for communication in our team is higher. We need to be in constant contact to ensure our work is running smoothly. Thankfully we have Zoom and Slack to help us.
  • technology sometimes fails us – poor wifi and disconnected zoom meetings are a part of our workday. The key to making it work is being understanding towards our colleagues.

Recruiting remotely also comes with its obstacles. We don’t get to see our candidates in person. It’s also more difficult for them to get a sense of the company culture through Zoom. This is why we’ve created a recruitment process tailored to the needs of remote working. We meet with our candidates several times to make sure we get the best possible picture of them. What is more, it allows our candidates to get to know more people within the team and gives them a sense of how we are and how we work.

We also asked our employees why they enjoy Mooza’s remote culture, here’s what they had to say:

“100% remote work from day one means 100% trust of my employer. If you add to that the flexibility of choosing your working place, you get a recipe for happy employees!”

“We have international colleagues, we are open-minded and tolerant. We take into consideration each other´s agenda, needs and (personal and cultural) habits, we learn one from another and we love it!”

“Flexibility – I can work, go the gym/walk/doctor and then come back and work later in the evening.”

“Mitka (Ania’s dog) is very happy with this arrangement.”

As an added bonus, our colleague Petra sent us a picture of her working from Tenerife!

Are you interested in being a part of our remote environment? Apply today!


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