Pardot How to’s: Collect relevant data with progressive profiling

by | Sep 13, 2021

With Pardot forms you can convert a visitor into a prospect during one of their touchpoints with your digital marketing assets that belong to the B2B customer journey.

It’s important to design a B2B customer journey that suits your potential customers by creating touchpoints with tailored content. This allows for an inbound marketing strategy. But how do you know which content matches the interest of your prospect? Here relevant prospect data comes into play!

Pardot offers several features that enable the collection of such relevant prospect data, think of visitor data combined with automated page actions and progressive profiling on Pardot forms.

By using Pardot’s page actions you can assign relevancy to specific page visits by automated segmentation and adjusted prospect scoring. Did your prospect visit an important web page that has been identified as a strong indicator for interest in your company or a specific product or service? With page actions you can attribute this interest to the prospect and reuse this data for further nurturing with tailored content.

Progressive profiling

Another strong feature is called progressive profiling. When you design a B2B customer journey it’s important to include multiple touchpoints that require a form submission. When a visitor arrives on your website, Pardot will recognize whether this visitor is already a converted prospect in Pardot and knows what data is already available on his prospect profile. Once the visitor is asked to fill out a form to download a white paper, a product brochure, play a video or register for a webinar or an event, Pardot will display form fields for data that hasn’t been collected yet rather than asking the same information over and over again. This way it is possible to build up a complete profile on a prospect with all the data that you have determined relevant for offering tailored content in a follow-up nurturing campaign and ultimately in qualifying a lead with grading.

The type of information that is relevant depends on your business, but general data categories often apply to every business. You could think of collecting data on the location of the prospect, the industry of their business, their job title as it’s related to decision making power, and even the department. Also their language could be an important factor if you communicate externally in more than one language.

There are even ways to collect data on their specific interest for one of your products or services by explicitly asking them questions on the form, or, as mentioned earlier here, by using page actions. Often nurturing leads with tailored content and tracking their engagement reveals such data, more about this in another topic.

As you can see there is a lot of relevant data that should be collected to ensure only hot leads are eventually being transferred to your sales team, with higher return on investment (ROI) as a result!

With Pardot’s progressive profiling this becomes an easy and efficient task without asking too many of your potential customers at once which might put them off.

Mooza can help you design a B2B customer journey and execute a marketing automation strategy built on the Salesforce Pardot platform. So what are you waiting for? Get started with Pardot today and turn your visitors into customers.

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