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Implementation is not the end goal

You have implemented Salesforce, Now the fun really starts. As your business keeps changing, the way Salesforce is being used should also change. The responsibility to keep getting the most out of Salesforce means for most businesses training a single admin with basic development support. However, the number of capabilities necessary to support, sustain and extend a Salesforce Org has grown exponentially over time.

Salesforce Managed Services is an all in solution that helps you to sustain, develop and continuously improve your Salesforce org.

Mooza Managed Services help you to

Enhance your Salesforce

Keep up to date with the newest releases and understand what works best for your business processes.

Organize your

Reorganize your instance and get rid of bulkiness. Clean data, import data, load data with ease on a Salesforce platform.

3rd party apps

Integrate Salesforce with any CRM system, back-office, legacy, marketing automation tools & more.


Ensure you migrate from Classic to Salesforce Lightning interface properly and in a reasonable time.

Develop &
configure new features

Stay ahead of the competition with advanced features, like Approvals, Process Builder, Workflow, Flow Builder.

Drive adoption

Empower your users with effective Salesforce training and ensure sustainable change management.

Support your team

Offer 100% support for your Salesforce admins, Salesforce developers and your Salesforce consultants first-hand.

What’s in it for you?

Strategic Planning

What long-term value does the Salesforce platform bring? Building out a Salesforce organization is a serious deal for your company that needs proper roadmapping or goal setting.

Health Check

The initial health check includes technical and business process review, data migration assessment and your existing instances within 2 weeks. Based on the results, you will receive a health check report, implementation recommendation & future visioning.

Continuous Agile Development

The team of experienced administrators, consultants, architects and developers will help you develop new features in your existing environment or start using new Salesforce modules. Salesforce Consulting team is available for you.


What does Agile Development entail?
  • Lightning migrations
  • Integration updates and support
  • Data management
  • Process alignment
  • Industry custom development
  • Onboarding workshops

Support Services

From an ongoing proactive optimization to a thorough maintenance of your existing Salesforce application/s on a monthly basis within recurring, renewable yearly contracts.

Team Lease Services

Are you missing resources to help you continue boosting your Salesforce experience? Mooza team uses the best practices and agile delivery methods to fill this gap. Plus, you choose the size of the team! This is a tailored solution for your Salesforce applications.

Center of Excellence

The Mooza team can help you achieve your goals with Salesforce and measure performance with valuable KPIs. Making sure the alignment with overall business goals is not jeopardized.

Managed ServicesGreat team to work with. They do take their time to understand the industry and your business which is the best benefit. They do not hesitate to challenge your mindset and provide valuable feedback on both business operations and implications of Salesforce setup on them.
Managed Services

Dmytro Kryvenko

Business Operations Executive at Mews

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Salesforce Managed Services Plans

Basic Standard Premium Individual
Quarter Time Employee Half Time Employee Full Time Employee Dedicated Project Lead
40 hours / month 80 hours / month 160 hours / month Team of experts assigned based on needs - resources outsourcing. Backlog scoping.

At Managed Services, our focus is on helping businesses improve their Salesforce Cloud performance. Our Salesforce Cloud experts work with your business to build out a custom strategy that will help increase your productivity and efficiency. We provide full time consulting services that are designed for delivering results. From consultation to implementation, we’ll help you make the most of your Salesforce products. By working together, we can help your business achieve its full potential.


So you’ve implemented Salesforce, now what? Managed Services offers a proactive way to externally administer your Salesforce.

With Managed Services, the overall cost per hour of work can be significantly less than hiring a full-time employee. Grow your business with Managed Services from Mooza!


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