Customer Success. True Stories.

Naturally, you are on the edge now. Why should I trust this partner? What if they have zero skills with enterprises like mine? Know nothing about start-ups or non-profits? No worries, you are safe with Mooza. The honest customer stories are the proof.

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Transforming internal operations

We are very happy with Mooza and the best proof of our satisfaction with Mooza is that their transparency-driven Customer portal inspired us to build this for users on the Salesforce Community Cloud as well.

Dmytro Kryvenko

Business Operations Executive at Mews



360 overview of data with Salesforce

“We needed to have a transparent system that would make the job unified and simplified. It was important for us to define the sales cycle and be able to spot new opportunities straight away.”

Pavel Vitek

Head of IT at Silon


high tech

Increases sales at a start-up

“At first we thought that Salesforce was a robust solution for big corporations. Mooza proved us wrong and showed us that a solution is also suitable for a start-up environment.”

Jakub Balada

Co-founder at Apify

Gastro Mach


The investment in Mooza paid off

“We now perceive not using a quality CRM as a step back. I am glad that we are where we are and are not afraid to go to the premium segment with Salesforce and Mooza.”

Jan Mach

Founder at Gastromach

Cork ARC

non profit

Super efficient remote-first approach

“We were a little hesitant for online-only support but it worked very well. It is an even more efficient way of working, without the travel cost & time needed for face-to-face meetings.”

Trisha Arnold

Administrator at Cork ARC

Thank you for your trust

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Who is Mooza?

Mooza is an award winning Salesforce Partner, disrupting the existing Salesforce partner ecosystem across Europe. Leaving zero carbon footprints with remote-only implementation is in Mooza’s DNA.

Mooza helps companies & individuals grow betting on the bulletproof skills in multiple Salesforce clouds – especially Revenue Cloud or integrations like Mulesoft & Tableau.

Team of 100+ certified Salesforce experts with transparent approach combined with sustainable business practices, holding 6 Salesforce awards – including Partner of the Year FY20 and FY19.