To whom our thanks belong?

by | Apr 23, 2020

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Like every year, we participated in a meeting within CZ and SK partners this year for the first time virtually. In addition to news and recommendations, awards were also presented to the most successful. The meeting was virtual, but the award and shared joy were quite real. And that led us to write a brief reflection on what such “trophies” actually mean and to whom our thanks belong.

Top SMB Partner

How was the decision made?

In selecting the winner, the judges took into account criteria such as growth, what knowledge is within the team (eg, obtained certifications) or how their customers are prospering.

We received awards from a total of 6 categories:

Top SMB Partner – for the contribution in the segment of small companies with up to 200 employees
Top Commercial Partner – for the contribution in the segment of medium-sized companies with up to 1,500 employees
and the most valuable, Ohana Award and Partner of FY’20 – for the best overall contribution within the Czech and Slovak Republic and, at the same time, the best fulfillment of Salesforce values.

It is an incredible success for us to maintain our Partner of the Year status for the second year in a row. At the same time, we are the only Salesforce partner in the Czech and Slovak Republic to receive 6 awards in 3 years of operation.

Ohana Award and Partner FY’20

What do these awards and achievements say?

First of all, it says a lot about our clients. They know that the transition to new technologies is essential, want to be educated and get advice. They allow us to look into their business and share their successes with us. Many thanks to them for that. Then there are, of course, the people in the Mooza team. We sustained mainly because of our enthusiasm, education, experience, mutual help, and also because we are Salesforce geeks 🙂. Last but not least, we are growing and celebrating success, thanks to our excellent cooperation with the Salesforce team. Namely, they are Adam Bukkosy, Denis Tomíšek, Hrvoje Supic, Krzysztof Augustynowic, Michal Mravinač, Michal Rulík, Ronald Klačman, Silvia Veverova, and others.

Top Commercial Partner

But it is also a great pleasure to come up with great responsibility, especially with regard to this year, which seems to be full of challenges. That’s why we’re preparing a series of useful webinars, articles, case studies, and more. So you can gain as much knowledge as possible, as well as getting to know our Mooza and Salesforce world.

Once again, sincere thanks to our clients and the entire Salesforce.

Mooza team

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